Focussed on Photography

Welcome to 2015

This blog is just to update you on where we’re currently at as 2015 gets underway. Emma and I have now been together in business for 2 years and 3 months. So much has happened since we began. Our brief has always been to do anything relating to portraiture and go anywhere regarding our business venture but it has come about that we have focussed on studio work for most of that time. Our original studio proved to be too small to be practical so was quickly dismissed. We have worked in several other studios but have spent the bulk of our time in our current one. On occasions we have needed to use a larger studio for family groups as we don’t have the space in ours and I have worked in a London studio on fashion based shoots too.  Aside from that I have undertaken a number of wedding shoots and quickly realised that this wasn’t my thing, however profitable it may have been. We have also photographed a huge number of maternity bumps and their subsequent offspring and this has been very lucrative and enjoyable work for us. We still have a large pipeline of work in this area, which has proved ever more popular since the Duchess of Cambridge announced her second pregnancy and had her pictures published. Where will 2015 take us with our venture? Only time will tell, but we are looking forward to another year of running Focussed on Photography and we hope you will come and share it with us!

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