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Another First!

I have recently had a hankering for introducing some photography teaching into the range of facilities that Focussed on Photography has to offer. So today, the 25th July 2013, armed with a camera and a few lens, plenty of notepaper, a pen and some sun tan cream (another very warm day) I headed off to pick up Sam (who had got me the gig at LAvint that I recently blogged about), as she had offered to be my stooge for the day. When I had worked with Sam on the fashion shoot she had intimated that she used a camera quite a lot on her fashion promotions degree course but didn’t really have much of an understanding of the basic technicalities of how to work with a modern digital SLR camera. This was my opportunity to put my new desire to the test and she willingly volunteered her services in exchange for a lunchtime snack! I wanted the day to be informal and practical so, after an hour at an outdoor table in which I talked through the four items I wanted to introduce (Shutter Speeds, Aperture Values, ISO and White Balance) we set off to practice. Sam was an enthusiastic volunteer who had plenty of questions to improve her understanding. Initially she struggled to get sufficient light onto the camera’s sensor whilst we were under the trees on a river towpath. Once she had sorted adjusting ISO’s though she was away. Her biggest source of confusion was her understanding of aperture numbers and how they related to the size of the aperture when it was open. Although she definitely made some headway in this area she said that she would revisit the subject theory when she got home to reinforce her understanding. It was a very enjoyable and useful session which gave me some belief that I could do this again. Sam suggested that I should produce a basic notes pack that included diagrams explaining how aperture adjustments affect depth of field, something I now intend to do in preparation for my next training session. I also felt that I need to find a better location for this type of training; somewhere that has a range of different photography opportunities. Thanks Sam for being a great help today. If there are any others out there who are new to digital photography and would like to understand how to use their camera in Manual, rather than Automatic mode so that they can be more creative with their images then please contact me through our Contact Us tab.

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