Focussed on Photography

About Image Retouching

At Focussed on Photography we pride ourselves in producing the best quality photographs and we equally ensure you look your best in your photographs, which is why we offer an excellent digital image retouching and colour correction service.  We can eliminate unwanted objects, people and backgrounds from photographs using the latest digital technology and add any special texts you may want.  We can also produce enlargements such as posters, collages and canvases from your retouched photos which can be framed and displayed around your home.


modelling 640 px

We can create restored photographs from any existing damaged prints you have using the latest digital technology to give your old damaged photos a new lease of life.

We can even repair photos that have been completely torn in half; the photo restoration results we achieve are truly astonishing so email us your damaged photos or let us pick them up from your door and let us surprise you with the results.


restoration pix640

So if you have fantastic photographs of weddings, birthdays and holidays that are being ruined by one person who has their eyes closed, a tree sticking out or someone you don’t know in the background then we can correct these!

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